Alpha Thoughts….. 

Writers experience a lot of highs and lows. What could annoy a writer the most? AlphaNation talks about a disappointing scenario that happens regularly


​It’s New Year’s in a couple of hours or minutes or maybe it is already New Year’s where you are. Everyone is excited about the New Year as they are about every new beginning; or maybe not- there could be 2 or maybe 3 people who are certainly not happy with the New year. A […]

1 More Special Year 

I wanted my first blog post this year to be centered around how mad Lagos is and how we do not just love but crave it’s Madness. You see Man proposes God disposes,  I think . What I am trying to say is Happy New Year and no I am not writing about lagos madness, […]

Tear Drop 💧 

Sometimes our occupation or apprenticeship exposes us to a thousand stories which we should not have had the opportunities to be a part of.  As a medical student you become a part of the stories of people you never knew you would come across. People who look at you and hope to see the answers […]

Sacrifices and Charity

A good question as good as any is how good a Christian are you?  That is a question you would have been asked by a lot of ‘good Christians’ . You see Nigerians are very religious in every sense of the word, so it is not surprising that matters that concern religious matters prove to […]